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Stop getting lost in nested wiki pages and directories. With Paperback, people can find what they need themselves, and everybody can focus on their work again.
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Concise design
Glance through long lists and conversations
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Inline archiving
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Lightweight, tidier alternative

Wiki pages are flexible, but lead to deeply nested hierarchies with no easy way out. People start getting lost. (Having every feature under the sun does not help, too.)

Paperback provides a simpler and tidier interface, while avoiding the common annoyances like clumsy archiving or navigating complex hierarchies in a narrow sidebar.

Get your focus time back

When people can’t find things, they resort to asking around. That means a lot of interruptions. And before you know, it’s lunch time.

Search doesn’t help much. Google is the best search engine in the world (or was, before it became an ad engine). Yet, all the time, people create Google docs just to collect links to other docs.

What does help? Try a simpler, tidier structure with less clutter. People will start finding things intuitively again, and will have the full context for decision making.

And, you’ll get your focus time back.

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We are a small, self-funded company.
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Hi everyone—

I’m Kristian, the founder of Paperback.

Previously, I led a small research and development team. We worked with lots of docs and write-ups which we built upon, shared with other teams, or kept as a reference.

To organize these, we tried tools like wiki pages, cloud storage, and online boards. But people kept resorting to asking around, not knowing where to find things.

Eventually, we came up with rules that worked for us—like restricting wiki-page nesting, dedicated archiving spaces, or limiting boards to few items. But it was always too easy to slip up and clutter our tools again.

Paperback extends these principles, combining them with a cleaner, less cluttered design. With concise, readable lists, and the actual content a single click away.

For us, it makes organizing less of a chore and more of a delight. And we think it could do so for you, too. Try it out and tell us what you think, we are eager to hear from you!

—Kristian, Founder of Paperback

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